Vibrant and authentic, the Champagne region is not only known for its famous bubbly beverage, but it is also known as a beautiful region with 600 km of canals and waterways.

Beautiful landscapes

As you might expect, Champagne has vine-covered hillsides that go to create those tiny sparkling bubbles that tantilise the nose. The ears rejoice from the popping of corks and the subsequent fizz. Enjoy the many family run cellars in beautiful villages where you can sample, compare and maybe purchase a special vintage. Apart from champagne, the region is also renowned for the natural beauty of its landscapes, such as the valleys of the Meuse and Semoy rivers, thick forests and rocky peaks, the Ardennes: an ideal destination for lovers of the outdoors, nature and activities such as hiking and cycling. The main towns of the Ardennes is Charleville-Mézières, famed for its magnificent Place Ducal, and Reims where two dozen kings began their rule in the famed cathedral.

Endless rivers

The three départements of Champagne are named after rivers: the Marne, the Aube and the Haute-Marne (upper Marne). This is the realm of the Knights Templar and the Counts of Champagne and the heart of the Cistercian order with mystical names such as the Forest of the Orient and the famed abbey turned prison at Clairvaux. It goes without saying that in every province of France there are new and delicious cheeses to savour and here is no exception.

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